CROSS-SELLING : Two Minute Tutorial



Many businesses settle for less in the interests of closing a deal quickly without too much challenge.

Learning how to CROSS-SELL competently and ethically will raise your game, resulting in increased revenue. You will also add value to your client proposition as you provide a wider, more creative solution to need.

In this short Podcast I will define what CROSS-SELLING is and give you 3 Top Tips for success.

Christine Hammond

Christine Hammond

Lead Trainer and Online Course Creator

Hello and Welcome!

"It's been a pleasure to create these great courses to support your sales success"  

As the founder of CJH Training I love being able to share my professional knowledge and passion for teaching to help you develop sales and achieve your business goals.

I have over 20 years' business experience in a consultative selling role. I'm now a qualified Trainer and Assessor and have worked on numerous projects with a vast range of business and client types. I'm also a mentor for start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs. 

In short, I’ve “walked the walk” and  can combine professional qualifications and expertise in learning management with demonstrable commercial acumen. 

I'm very excited to be designing a range of high quality, practical content courses that will show you how to blend skills and strategy for a fast route to fantastic business outcomes! 

Christine Hammond - CJH Training

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CROSS-SELLING: Two Minute Tutorial